Ovojet F45

Ovojet F45

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Ovojet Series egg coding system is produced with German technology, long-lasting, easy to use and prints uninterrupted and legible with HP26A cartridges.

Our Ovojet F45 model printer is specially produced for use in the entrance section of Ovoselect F45 model sorting machines. When the eggs are on the yellow spools, it prints on the equator of eggs.

Thanks to the micro sensor on each printing head, it prints only if there are eggs, thus minimizing ink consumption and keeping the spools clean.

Main features;

  • Inkjet coding with HP26A cartridge
  • Codes without touching the eggs
  • All functions are set from the keypad
  • 4 line LCD display for easy operation
  • Shows the number of eggs coded
  • Maintenance-free design
  • 6 heads with egg control sensor
  • 250,000 eggs can be coded with 1 cartridge
  • Single and double line printing on eggs
  • No computer connection or memory card required

Main unit of the Ovojet Printer

Example of a print on an egg

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